About Virmir-World

What is Rain Burn?
When aspiring young Volcano Dragon Renbrand (Brand for short) accepts a well-meaning but illegitimately obtained gift from Roko Kirihoko, the three-tailed kitsune (and self-proclaimed master thief), he incurs the wrath of Queen Vetra of the Quetzalcoatl (Quetz for short), goddess of storms and the sky, and loses his wings. Lady Saida, a well-mannered and perhaps too friendly Quetz offers to help, but Roko's plan to set things right by stealing the Queen's magical gem backfires in spectacular fashion, resulting in a bit of a... mix up. With Brand and Saida body-swapped and Roko trapped as a balloon-animal, the three set off on a quest to restore their forms while avoiding the wrath of a very angry goddess and her army of Quetz.

When does Rain Burn update?
Rain Burn updates every Tuesday and Saturday! (But usually, a little earlier.)

I want to bother you about Rain Burn!
Email email email! (Also, forum.)